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Kids Virtues!


I got to spend the best week in Colorado with my dear friend catching up, talking, laughing, crying and talking about our out of control lives and kids! It was great!! 🙂  While we were together we made list upon list of things we wanted to accomplish with our lives and our family.  One thing we did which I loved was make a list of virtues for her family and her kids.  We are both very visual so to have something to stare at helps to remember what in the world we actually do want for our family.   I had never really made a point to sit down and list out what our goals were for our family…I’d seen them thousands of times..the cute little signs “our family loves, kisses, hugs, never yells, is always calm, sweetly disciplines, never gets mad” etc etc… (In the name of full disclosure…I have one of those signs and I love it!)  That being said…All the things listed on my cute sign about our family rules are not put into practice in our family as much as I’d like.  My very creative and artistic friend made a sign for immediate teachable moments with her kids when something listed on that cute sign doesn’t happen (i.e.: like when your kids (or you) begins screaming at the top of your lungs because you find your coffee mug tipped over and coffee spilled all over your couch, or when instead of patience you huff and puff and roll your eyes because your 3 year old is taking 1 billion years to zip up his coat because he HAS to do it himself)…ok maybe these things are just me, again full disclosure, I am most definitely not the most patient person in the world!!  SO because I am not artistic like my amazing friend  (by the way check out her stuff here: http://piperpixiedoodle.com  )  I decided to make my own chart…sans pretty handwriting and beautiful art…but instead on my simple and foolproof computer! I’d love to share it with you and your family!!  Click on the link below for the printable!!


kids virtues




Oh man, do you ever have one of those days when you wish time would just FREEZE?  The other night we were watching Where the Wild Things are…Ben had been reading the book to the kids, so they were excited to see the movie.  Almost immediately Boston went searching for a costume to wear while watching the movie.  Here’s ‘Max’:


With homeschooling I am with the kids ALL day, every day, 7 days a week.  That is A-LOT!  But that also means that they are with each other everyday, all day, 7 days a week.  Yup, there’s fighting, ohhhh yes we get tired of each other but I have got to say it is what I LOVE about having the privilege of teaching my kids.  They are each others best friend (all be it sometimes worst enemy as well).  Our goal is not to just have them share toys, not hit each other, not fight but to LOVE each other, to be friends not just siblings.  How sad I would be if after 18 years of living together they left our home and weren’t friends.  Our weeks are long, and tiring and spent together 100% of the time and I sure would love to freeze a lot of these moments….Here’s a small glimpse into why I love our long, tiring days and wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING!:

Dancing during a break…




My view all day, everyday 🙂

Bible lesson…(obviously Daddy was in charge because I never allow sitting on the TABLE!) 🙂