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April Showers…


Can you believe March is almost over!?  I am still trying to get used to writing 2014!  We are getting excited at seeing sunshine and a few blades of green brown grass peeking through the melting snow!  We’ll soon be welcoming April and the showers that bring us May flowers!  I’d love to share with you April Calendar Cards!  We love our calendar time and love these cards that go with it. 

We love our calendar…you can find it here:



Aprilcalendarcardsapril cover photo 2

April Calendar Cards

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pick-your-own lunch


I have so many systems.  My family gets a kick out of my constant changing and rearranging.  It’s a problem, I know!  I once decided I was going to change my silverware and create a new way of containing it.  I decided to keep all knives, forks and spoons in mason jars on the counter (to my defense it did look cute and very magazine worthy) BUT alas, it was a stupid system which was annoying and did not last very long (and got made fun of way more than necessary) 🙂  I have a laundry system (which I’m sure there are a lot better systems out there than mine…uhoh I better check out pinterest now!)  I’m just basically a sucker for anything organizational!

Our mornings are filled to the rafters, which leaves little time to rummage through the kitchen to dream up what to feed my 3 starving kids everyday.  I have struggled for quite some time with how to fit it all in AND have a meal that not only they want to eat but I do too…(I mean really who wants to eat peanut butter and jelly every day!?)  This idea was not mine (although I would love to take the credit I generally don’t come up with great ideas myself…they’re almost always stolen ideas!) I am probably the last person in the known world to do this for our lunches, I’m sure this idea is all over Pinterest and Ive been living under a rock until now…either way I love it! 🙂  This one has been tested by 3 little kids, a daddy and time…and it has been a great help to me.  It’s pretty simple…keep a container and keep it filled.  My container is from Walmart absolutely nothing fancy about it, I think every house in America owns one.  Fill it up with whatever you’re into mine currently has: carrots, snap peas, broccoli, cucumber, peppers, grapes and oranges.  When something gets low fill it up before you put it back and you instantly have a full spread again.  We get it out for lunch everyday and just add anything else easy (pretzels, string cheese, boiled eggs and currently my favorite hummus and pita chips) THIS stuff is amazing, I mean seriously amazing…if you can you must get it now!:

So here’s to my new system, which currently I love ever so dearly.  It has saved my sanity and hopefully will save my waistline as well!ImageImage

I have decided getting kids to eat well is psychological more than we think…this little boy would not naturally choose a plate of green things…but he got to pick what we wanted all my himself and oh the satisfaction that is to him..not to mention he gets to dip…who doesn’t like to dip things!?


Did I really take a picture of a tray of veggies?! It’s a pretty picture that says “Wendy didn’t have to cook lunch and is one happy momma!”


Shopping at home!


I found these cute reward trackers:Image

they get a dot for saying their memory verses, working with good attitudes, anything that I “catch” them doing well without being told.  Once they get 10 I found cute $1.00 reward bucks at the dollar store.  Today they both got 10 dots and that meant FINALLY they got to get  $1.00 to go shopping!   they were literally beside themselves with excitement as if I had just told them they won the lottery! 🙂  They got to shop at home with their dollar, with little goodies I’ve collected from the dollar store….I believe it’s the little things that mean the most!  ImageImage

I know, I know…it has skulls with a BOW on it!  what in the world!?  I totally didn’t even see that until I got home and of coarse it was the first thing she wanted to buy!!


Room for a third


We finally have room for a third member!  After revamping our school desk and adding much needed table space we can now welcome Brizzy into the school day 🙂  He of course thinks he is SUCH a big boy and thrilled to be a part of it all!  I must document the utter glee because I am sure one day this gleeful excitement will change to dread!…here’s the newest member in action!ImageImageImageImageImage

Renovation Raiders…Hazen Style


I’m a bit of a stalker fan of Confessions of a Homeschooler….if you haven’t checked her out do it, now…

anyways, I’m a big fan and i’m a huge fan of her awesome school room set up!  unfortunately Ikea is a far far ways away and we must make do with what we have. SO my ‘ever ready for a project hubster’ was up for revamping our current school desk.  (which on a sidenote is my (and our) favorite thing to do..make old things awesome again!) So here’s our quick little project:

Pre-Hazen Reno




getting there…(I couldn’t find my paint tray and wasn’t patient enough to look for it:




We used chalkboard paint, which im a big fan of and I think most of the pinteresting world is too!  Lots more room for these three crazy kids to work on.