Our version of Spielgaben!



Ohhh, how I have drooled over all the pretty pictures of cute little kids playing with their beautiful Spielgaben sets!  I’m guessing i’m not the only one who stares longingly on countless blogs at these amazing things.  Well, much to my dismay I couldn’t find anything on addicterest Pinterest for a DIY Spielgaben so I took it upon myself to create my own, SANS Pinterest.  It began with a cartful of pieces like these: Wood Pieces.  here’s the during:

photo 5-1

Yes, i’m sick of painting!!

My poor sister in law was roped into painstaking painting of these uber-tiny pieces, until later I figured out a mega time saving trick (shh, don’t tell her 🙂  I watered down the paint (not much) and put in a flat container, then just dump in your pieces, let ’em roll around and get coated and then let dry.  Voila!  WAY quicker.

photo 2-1photo 1

You can find these containers here.

Ahh, beautiful!

Ahh, beautiful!

Yes, I do love this sight! :)

Yes, I do love this sight! 🙂

Her first creation

Her first creation

photo 4photo 3

You can get these trays here (We LOVE them and use them EVERYDAY)

We’re loving our set already!  Theres some things that we couldn’t completely replicate from the original Spielgaben set but for the most part I think we have the main elements and WAY cheaper!  If you are like me and you prefer a video to pictures heres a link to a video of the set:

Spielgaben Videos 


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