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April Showers…


Can you believe March is almost over!?  I am still trying to get used to writing 2014!  We are getting excited at seeing sunshine and a few blades of green brown grass peeking through the melting snow!  We’ll soon be welcoming April and the showers that bring us May flowers!  I’d love to share with you April Calendar Cards!  We love our calendar time and love these cards that go with it. 

We love our calendar…you can find it here:



Aprilcalendarcardsapril cover photo 2

April Calendar Cards

For more Calendar Cards check out Calendar Printables or here




Oh man, do you ever have one of those days when you wish time would just FREEZE?  The other night we were watching Where the Wild Things are…Ben had been reading the book to the kids, so they were excited to see the movie.  Almost immediately Boston went searching for a costume to wear while watching the movie.  Here’s ‘Max’:


With homeschooling I am with the kids ALL day, every day, 7 days a week.  That is A-LOT!  But that also means that they are with each other everyday, all day, 7 days a week.  Yup, there’s fighting, ohhhh yes we get tired of each other but I have got to say it is what I LOVE about having the privilege of teaching my kids.  They are each others best friend (all be it sometimes worst enemy as well).  Our goal is not to just have them share toys, not hit each other, not fight but to LOVE each other, to be friends not just siblings.  How sad I would be if after 18 years of living together they left our home and weren’t friends.  Our weeks are long, and tiring and spent together 100% of the time and I sure would love to freeze a lot of these moments….Here’s a small glimpse into why I love our long, tiring days and wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING!:

Dancing during a break…




My view all day, everyday 🙂

Bible lesson…(obviously Daddy was in charge because I never allow sitting on the TABLE!) 🙂

Shopping at home!


I found these cute reward trackers:Image

they get a dot for saying their memory verses, working with good attitudes, anything that I “catch” them doing well without being told.  Once they get 10 I found cute $1.00 reward bucks at the dollar store.  Today they both got 10 dots and that meant FINALLY they got to get  $1.00 to go shopping!   they were literally beside themselves with excitement as if I had just told them they won the lottery! 🙂  They got to shop at home with their dollar, with little goodies I’ve collected from the dollar store….I believe it’s the little things that mean the most!  ImageImage

I know, I know…it has skulls with a BOW on it!  what in the world!?  I totally didn’t even see that until I got home and of coarse it was the first thing she wanted to buy!!


always learning something new


I feel like everyday i’m learning some new trick, new fun way to learn.  Recently I learned about these fun things:Image

Whoever comes up with all these neat things…they’re geniuses!  We are loving them, and one of my favorite things about them is that they’re something both kids can do together…multilevel/ages.  I love anything like that.  they’re great.  Image

I found a great link for a bunch of FREE printable mats to go along with the pattern blocks:

Always learning something new!

Never underestimate a 3 year old


Boston is crazy, rambunctios, wild, a boy!  hard to sit still, hard to focus, wanting to jump, shoot, run, kick, wrestle….anything but sit!  I have been thoroughly amazed and encouraged at how awesome he has done this year so far!  This boy will work all morning on his workboxes with little to any complaints.  (I wish I could take all the credit but I think he just wants to be like his big sister!) We try to do as much as we can together although there are quite a few things right now that they can’t both do together…One thing they do together is their morning beginnings.  We have the same routine every morning and one part of it is their morning workbooks.  Theyre awesome, simple and a great way to start the morning.


working on his morning book too 😉Image

my fall “flapbook”


Again totally behind in the world of homeschooling and just realized recently how fun lapbooks are! (or as Boston calls them occasionally “flap books”) we LOVE them!  Who knew learning about a pumpkin could be so fun!?  This is our fall lapbook filled with fall treasures (i.e.: sticks, leaves, sticks, leaves and more sticks) pumpkin life cycle, and other fun fall things…


our little terrorizer visitor for the morning 🙂Image

My Picasso


I’ve really been trying to add in some fun boxes for Brooklyn, and for her fun=art.  I swear the girl goes through more paper than all the trees can keep up with!  I find mini books, little paper scraps of scribbles, painting, drawings, diaries the list goes on and on.  she LOVES to draw.  I found this neat book at a local homeschool/curriculum store but you can get it here:

She loves it!…any tips for other good art books!?!