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Messes aren’t my friend


I’ve been hearing about these water beads for a while now and totally block it out of my mind because I KNOW it will only lead to an utter and complete mess for ME to clean!  In a moment of sheer insanity I picked some up.  they.are.cool!  The boys loved them!  I loved them!  Their super fun.  I was so excited to let them play with them, got measure cups out, bowls, spoons everything they would need for  “fun and educational play” (HA!!)  They played and had fun and then we stopped to eat lunch….Per my fear all of a sudden I hear them calling with a semi panicked voice saying to “Come SEE!” I knew it! I knew it!  The reason I didn’t get them to begin with had happened….I wish I had a picture to show what a mess it was but I was in complete shock and anger frustration!  These oh so fun and education balls of bouncy wateryness were completely covering my kitchen floor, bouncing, squished, smashed into crusty old food on my floor.  It was like a minefield of waterbeads!  I wish I could say I acted in a calm, patient gracious tone but that would be a lie.  Then after they were all cleaned up and my anger and frustration had subsided I got on my phone and these pictures were the first thing I saw:ImageImage

The reality is that messes aren’t my friend.  Im not a clean freak by any stretch of the imagination but messes….I really don’t love them either.  But i’ve got some kids that love them, and I really do love those kids (especially when they’ve got their cheesy grins and cute dimples showing!)  One day I know these messes and the joy in the little things will be gone. Really asking God to help me make messes my friend and have peace and grace in the mess!