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Shopping at home!


I found these cute reward trackers:Image

they get a dot for saying their memory verses, working with good attitudes, anything that I “catch” them doing well without being told.  Once they get 10 I found cute $1.00 reward bucks at the dollar store.  Today they both got 10 dots and that meant FINALLY they got to get  $1.00 to go shopping!   they were literally beside themselves with excitement as if I had just told them they won the lottery! 🙂  They got to shop at home with their dollar, with little goodies I’ve collected from the dollar store….I believe it’s the little things that mean the most!  ImageImage

I know, I know…it has skulls with a BOW on it!  what in the world!?  I totally didn’t even see that until I got home and of coarse it was the first thing she wanted to buy!!