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April Showers…


Can you believe March is almost over!?  I am still trying to get used to writing 2014!  We are getting excited at seeing sunshine and a few blades of green brown grass peeking through the melting snow!  We’ll soon be welcoming April and the showers that bring us May flowers!  I’d love to share with you April Calendar Cards!  We love our calendar time and love these cards that go with it. 

We love our calendar…you can find it here:




Aprilcalendarcardsapril cover photo 2

April Calendar Cards

For more Calendar Cards check out Calendar Printables or here


February Calendar Cards


I’ve been on a bit of creating streak and wanted to make my own Calendar Cards.  I am working on every month but thought i’d share February!


We love Calendar time.  Not only do the kids love it, it really is a way to smooth myself into the school day.  We love our Calendar pocket chart.  This is ours:


photo 1 photo 2

Here’s a link to the cards:

February Calendar Cards

More to come!! 🙂