3 Part Card Printables


We had done lots of matching in school with classic memory games which is always loved by my kids.  Up until recently I never quite understood what “Montessori” was…I kind of felt silly, a bit stupid slow in understanding this style of learning.  I still have much to learn but one really neat thing we have loved and have so much fun with are 3 Part Cards.  You can learn more about the concept and thinking behind 3 Part Cards here:


I love anything that is learning but feels like a game…this is one of those things.  ImageImage

The idea is simple, two sets of pictures and names, match the name to the correct picture for older kids, for preschool and younger match the word with the same word.

I have searched and found up until recently lots of sets of cards to go with the current letter we are on. Check out Pinterest for tons of great free 3 Part Cards!  But I thought i’d give it a go and start making my own sets and I’d love to share them with you!  Who doesn’t love a freebie!?  I’ll be making more, it seems to be hard to find cute fun boy themed sets, so…more to come soon!






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