my favorite things


I am a serial organizer…I love getting new ideas for organizing pretty much anything but especially our school room!  I have gotten so many great ideas from some seriously genius ladies!  Here are some of my favorite things in our school room that have helped us stay organized and keep things fun…

Our school room.  We love it, its where our days play out, where we learn, make a mess, paint, learn more, rinse and repeat:)


I’ve had this clear dry erase board for years…its been in many different places in our home but we like it here…good reminder of the verse we’re working on each week.


we LOVE this thing!  We seriously use it every day.  Just a simple paper roll…thats all!  I actually bought this and then found out my mom had gotten one for me for Christmas…whoops! 🙂  You can get it here:


Another favorite thing we use everyday….Just a simple tray.  We use it for painting, crafts, projects, tv trays.  Im sure there are some much cuter, kid trays out there, these were $1.00 at the time (can’t beat that!) You can get them here:


Anyone that knows me well knows I LOVE containers!  Don’t ever go shopping with me for organizational items…its dangerous and an addiction I fully admit it!  Some of my favorite ones for the school room are these takeout containers and peanut butter containers. They’re a great size and clear.  The red bowls are used every day for everything they were a great dollar store find!


And of coarse our new favorite item in our school room and home is our bean bags!  We love them!!  There are so many neat bean bags and lots for a much higher price than we paid but we are loving these!  You can check them out here:



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