furry, slimy and 4 legged


If you know me, you know I’m not a huge fan of animals.  I’m pretty scared of anything furry, slimy or 4 legged.  So it takes more effort for me to get excited about teaching the kids about animals.  That being said animals are amazing!  God sure showed off when he decided to create ALL of the animals He did, all unique from each other.  With Boston we do a letter of the week and I happened to stumble upon a super cute and fun website geared towards teaching through crafts.  You can check it out here:


We have been doing her endangered species crafts to go along with the letter of the week we are on.  Wow!  So interesting and I am seriously learning right along with the kids! (who knew that an Indri Lemur makes the most eery and loud noise to mark their territory!?  Or that a Grizzly Bear almost always has twins!?)  We’ve been loving it and Iearning so much about these amazing creatures that totally show off God’s glory and masterpiece!  Who knows maybe we’ll adopt a baby orangutan after all of this! 🙂  ImageImage


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